Personalized Physical Rehabilitation Programs for Individuals Affected by a Motor Vehicle Accident

After experiencing a car accident, the usual protocol is to assess any damages to the car, and with any luck, have them ‘rehabilitated’ by a mechanic, while claiming coverage through automobile insurance. But what about the injuries sustained by the individuals involved in the accident? What is the protocol for rehabilitating the body, and how can it be covered through automobile insurance?

SHAPE Health and Wellness Centres are proud to offer personalized integrated treatment plans for individuals requiring rehabilitation, as a result of an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident). Our expert team of health care practitioners work collaboratively together and consist of Registered Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists and Kinesiologists and physical therapists will collectively create a customized treatment plan, to quickly transform you back to your pre-accident condition….if not better!

As an individual affected by an MVA and thus sustaining injuries, you must first make a claim through your automobile insurance provider. In turn, they will send you a package of Treatment Plan forms which SHAPE will help guide you through and be able to submit portions online for you. The next step is for one of our practitioners to perform a complete assessment of your condition. Following the assessment, the health care practitioner will meet with the Clinic Director to prepare your MVA Treatment Plan. SHAPE will help complete and submit for approval.

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan will outline the personalized recommended treatment approach, duration, and assessment proposal. Depending on your condition, our clinic manager may recommend an integrated approach of physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, chiropractic care, registered massage therapy and / or acupuncture, in any combination. Using this integrated approach, you will spend your time efficiently achieving superior results getting you back to and beyond your pre-injury status.

Treatment plans typically run on the duration of a 12-week program. Upon completion, a progress report will be submitted to the insurance company. This report will outline the progress you have made, in addition to the health care practitioner’s recommendations for further treatment if necessary. Again, depending on the severity of the accident and your progress, subsequent treatment plans may be required to reach the goal of your pre-accident state.